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Story Mode is the main mode in SuperTuxKart, alongside online gameplay, splitscreen multiplayer and singleplayer. Completing it is an achievement, and it is also used in the most important speedrun in SuperTuxKart.


In Story Mode, there are different challenges, containing all official tracks, in Normal race, Time Trial and Grand Prix gamemodes. In old Story Mode, there also was a Follow the Leader challenge, and in Add-Ons mod there is an Egg Hunt challenge. All challenges can be played in all difficulties. When a new challenge level is beaten, the player receives points and cups. Challenges need you to get a particular rank in the race (mostly 1st) and/or a particular time to be beaten. Also, there are two nitro challenges in which you have to collect a particular number of nitro within a particular time instead of racing bots. After beating all other challenges, the big door will open and the end race against Nolok in Fort Magma can be played.

Winning challenges unlocks other challenges (which require a certain number of points written near its entry), karts and tracks.


At the beginning, Gnu is kidnapped by Nolok who then visits Tux to tell him his friend got kidnapped and if Tux and his friends cannot beat Nolok, the "King of Karts", in racing, Gnu would become his supper.

After the final challenge against Nolok has been won, a scene of Tux rescuing Gnu from his prison appears.

Useful notes

  • The game starts with SuperTux locked, but as soon as you score 250 points (pretty much) or complete 5 challenges at another difficulty with requirements for SuperTux satisfied too, it is unlocked. This is done for speedrunning purposes, however, SuperTux requirements are not shown in the game while it is locked.
  • If only a certain rank in a race/Grand Prix is required, you can be several ranks lower but still complete the challenge, but it will be counted as the corresponding lower difficulty (e.g. 1 position worse = 1 difficulty worse) if applicable.
  • Grand Prix skip is a bug, present since version 1.0, allows to skip several final races of Grand Prix pressing the Continue button immediately, before the GP intermediate results screen appears. This way, a player can be first after one or two races, then skip all the remaining races, and still be first.
  • Gate Skip is a bug, present before version 1.0, allowed to enter the final Fort Magma challenge after scoring the required number of points only and without all challenges completed. For that, a player needed to exploit the Overworld 3D model holes and get to the other side of closed gate. Gate skip is removed since version 1.0 but is present in Add-Ons mod.


There are two major types of challenges: single track challenges and Grands Prix. Points earned for completing the challenges at different difficulties are listed below. Points for the same challenge completed at several difficulties do not sum up, instead, the greatest value is taken.

Difficulty Single track Grand Prix
SuperTux 10 30
Expert 8 24
Intermediate 7 21
Novice 6 18

List of requirements

The table below lists the requirements to complete all the challenges at any difficulty. For the sake of compactness, there are some shortenings:

  • P2/8 means at least 2nd position of 8 karts (including you) is required;
  • 15 means you need to collect the equivalent of 15 small nitro cans;
  • 1'52 means you need to do it in at most 1 minute 52 seconds.
  • Points indicates the number of points required to unlock the challenge.
Challenge Points Laps Mode Novice Intermediate Expert SuperTux
Antediluvian Abyss 0 3 Normal Race P1/4 P1/5 P1/6 P1/7, 2'10
Cornfield Crossing 0 3 Normal Race P1/5 P1/6 P1/7 P1/8, 2'08
Hacienda 0 3 Normal Race P1/4 P1/5 P1/6 P1/7, 2'04
Nessie's Pond 0 3 Normal Race P1/4 P1/5 P1/6, 2'30 P1/7, 2'05
Ravenbridge Mansion 0 3 Normal Race P1/5 P1/6 P1/7 P1/8, 2'10
Shifting Sands 0 3 Time Trial + Nitro 10, 4'20 15, 3'10 18, 2'35 20, 2'08
Snow Peak 0 3 Normal Race P1/5 P1/6 P1/7 P1/8, 1'45
Volcan Island 0 2 Normal Race P1/4 P1/5 P1/6 P1/7, 2'18
GP: Penguin Playground 30 - Normal Race P1/4 P1/5 P1/6 P1/7
Zen Garden 35 4 Time Trial P1/5 P1/6 P1/7 P1/8, 1'45
Cocoa Temple 45 3 Time Trial* 3'52.108 2'33.749 2'01.931 1'46.906
GP: Off the Beaten Track 70 - Normal Race P1/5 P1/6 P1/7 P1/8
Oliver's Math Class 75 5 Normal Race P1/6 P1/7 P1/8 P1/9, 1'17
Gran Paradiso Island 80 3 Normal Race P1/6 P1/7 P1/8 P1/9, 2'14
Candela City 90 3 Normal Race P1/6 P1/7 P1/8 P1/9, 1'52
Around the Lighthouse 95 4 Normal Race P1/6 P1/7 P1/8 P1/9, 2'00
Northern Resort 105 3 Normal Race P1/6 P1/7 P1/8 P1/9, 1'50
GP: To the Moon and Back 120 - Time Trial P1/6 P1/7 P1/8 P1/9
Minigolf 125 4 Normal Race P1/7 P1/8 P1/9 P1/10, 1'56
Black Forest 130 2 Normal Race P1/7 P1/8 P1/9 P1/10, 2'50
Old Mine 140 3 Normal Race P1/7 P1/8 P1/9 P1/10, 2'02
STK Enterprise 145 3 Time Trial P1/7 P1/8 P1/9 P1/10, 2'12
XR591 150 2 Time Trial + Nitro 12, 3'00 15, 2'15 18, 1'52 20, 1'32
GP: At World's End 165 - Normal Race P1/7 P1/8 P1/9 P1/10
Fort Magma 190* 3 Normal Race P1/2 P1/2 P1/2 P1/2
  • Cocoa Temple challenge is Time Trial but competing against a pre-recorded Ghost Replay. You can see the gap for example.
  • Fort Magma challenge opens only after all other challenges are completed.
  • Suzanne is unlocked when any Cocoa Temple challenge is completed.
  • Amanda is unlocked at 190 points.
  • Sara the Wizard is unlocked at 280 points.
  • Gnu and Nolok, and Fort Magma track are unlocked when Fort Magma challenge is completed.