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Fort Magma is an official STK track, created by Jean-Manuel Clémencon (samuncle).

The track shown from above


Fort Magma has been in the main game since the first versions, but as "BSOD's Battlements" until STK 0.5. It has gone through many updates, old revisions of the track are now available as addons, such as Old Fort Magma from STK 0.7.1 or Fort Magma Old STK 0.8.1 which is obviously STK 0.8.1's version of the track.


Fort Magma is most suitable for light and medium karts. A typical lap takes a bit longer than 30 seconds, the default lap number however is 3.

Right after the start, the road does a long 180 degree turn to the left and also very early offers a nitro surrounded by 2 giftboxes followed by 2 more gifts in the middle of the road. This item placement makes light weight karts quite powerful at the track since they have faster acceleration and may be able to pre-decide the race at the very beginning. After the beginning on a stony road which ends in a small nitro on each side of the road, players now enter the lava part of the track. The road here is getting more narrow, and any minor mistake can push players into the lava which makes them reset. Before the road turns 90 degree to the left in there, 2 small nitros when the road gets a bit wider for a short moment and a giftbox in the middle of the road are offered. In the middle of the curve, there is the possibility to go out on a stony platform on the right, with the chance to get a big nitro. A long straight follows, with overall 6 small nitros and 3 giftboxes before the road gets stony again. Once out of the lava part, the road keeps going straight and offers 2 giftbox and contains a dangerous cannonball which is jumping over the road and can hit karts. The road turns in a long 180 degree curve with 2 sets of giftboxes, consisting of 3 respectively 2 boxes, ending in a castle. 2 giftboxes and another one surrounded by bananas are offered before players can decide whether they take the right or the left one of two ways. The right one contains 2 small nitros and 2 giftboxes while the left one contains only 1 giftbox and 2 small nitros. Once the roads have merged again, a giftbox in the middle of the road is provided, and a short straight with another gift enclosed by 2 bananas. Then, the road does a sharp 180 degree turn to the right, followed by a 90 degree turn to the left and a short atraight until the finish is reached.

The whole track is located in Nolok's castle and the area around it. It also is the final track in Story Mode. Fort Magma's graphics are not that advanced as other tracks according to devs, and it also is not difficult enough to be the final boss in Story Mode, so replacing it with a new track is planned, currently Sven Andreas Belting is working on his track New Fort Magma.

Overall, Fort Magma is an interesting track which is pretty popular in online gaming. However, it often gets chaotic because of lots of itemboxes, and players can easily fail at the lava part especially when there are many players. Due to that, Fort Magma is often called a "random track" because top players often lose to worse players here by bad luck.