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Welcome to Frankfurt STK wiki. This wiki is about SuperTuxKart, there are many pages but the work still continues.

The latest STK version is 1.4. Version 1.5 is planned to be released in 2024, and in a few years after that, version 2.0 release is planned.

Quick introduction to STK

AI Lag Mobile STK
Achievements List of STK karts Nitro
Artist Debug Mode List of STK soccer arenas Powerups
Checkline List of STK tracks Ranked
Commands List of battle arenas Server
Grand Prix List of gamemodes Speedrun
Kart classes Minimap Story Mode

How to contribute

First, you will need to register in the wiki using your STK account, visit this page for instructions. This account can be used to vote or register to certain STK events here. To be able to edit pages, you need a permission from moderators. You can contact them using STK or in the chat (which is less frequently monitored though).

You can find out which pages already exist here. When creating a page about a track, please follow the guidelines. We recommend to read them even if you are creating another type of pages.

In case you do not have an online STK account, visit STK official site to register there.

Please note that for now we intend most articles to be in English. In most cases, it means that you should write a page in English and then translate to another language, rather than writing the original article in another language. There can be exceptions but please tell other moderators about that first.

Current wiki status

Since 2023, for technical reasons some parts of current wiki might not work correctly. Known bugs include:

  • translated pages excessive loading time;
  • errors while updating pages;
  • image uploads don't always work.

The wiki will be moved elsewhere in the future to increase its integration with STK and to ease the contribution process.