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Commands are something that is typed into the server lobby chat to use some functionality. Introduced in version 1.1. Changing code allows to add new commands and thus enhance functionality without changing client interface, which is convenient and used for example on Frankfurt servers.

If you want to tell someone about a command, you can insert a space before it, so it doesn't get interpreted (like _/command).

List of standard commands

  • /music volume - change the music volume, volume can be between 0 and 10.
  • /kick username - kick a player. Requires you to be a crowned player (marked with a crown 👑 in the server lobby, there can be no crowned players). You can do this with user interface, though. Of course, the specified user should be present on the server.
  • /installaddon addon_id - installs an add-on with specified identifier from STK official site. Note that addon_id is not add-on's name and can be much worse to type, for example, hacienda--edit-_1.
  • /installaddon http(s):// - installs add-ons available on the Web in some zip archive. Be careful with those as they are not official, and archives can contain literally anything.
  • /uninstalladdon addon_id - uninstalls add-on by identifier. For unofficial add-ons, this is the only way to delete them without touching the filesystem.
  • /liststkaddon [option] string, /listlocaladdon [option] string, /listserveraddon [option] string - search add-ons in STK official site, locally or on a current server by a string that is a substring of its identifier (which is still not name). Option can be either empty or -track, -arena, or -kart which means searching among certain add-ons category.
  • /playerhasaddon addon_id username - check whether a player has a certain add-on.
  • /serverhasaddon addon_id - check whether this server has a certain add-on.
  • /playeraddonscore username - print the percentage of server add-ons that are installed for a certain player, by category. This can, for example, help determining who has no add-ons.
  • /spectate [0/1] - enables auto spectating with /spectate 1 and disables it with /spectate 0.