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Frankfurt servers is the most popular group of STK servers, located in Frankfurt (Germany) and hosted by kimden.

Logo of Frankfurt servers

List of Frankfurt STK servers

  • Frankfurt One - a server with free entry, allows to play any gamemode with any difficulty. Currently with bots.
  • Frankfurt Two - a server with restricted entry (you need to have 75 add-on tracks available on the server), allows to play any mode with any difficulty.
  • Frankfurt Zero - a server that allows playing addon karts, but no spectating or live joining, allows to play any mode with any difficulty.
  • Frankfurt Soccer - a server for soccer mode only with goal limit and SuperTux difficulty, has free entry.
  • Frankfurt Speedrun - a server that allows playing Time Trial and Normal race, only the crowned player can play, all others are spectating by default.
  • Frankfurt Extreme - a server for playing extreme tracks only.
  • Frankfurt Arenas - a soccer server with restricted entry, you need to have at least 8 addon soccer arenas. Only with goal limit and SuperTux difficulty.
  • Frankfurt Tournament - a soccer server for Soccer Tournament.
  • Frankfurt Grand Prix - a server for hosting public Grand Prix events.
  • Frankfurt Chat - a server without racing, you can chat there or wait for someone.
  • Frankfurt 100 Laps - a server for endurance racing or training a particular track, or having marathon races. The number of laps is 100 by default. Other modes are also available for playing, but with extended length too.

Note that all servers are not open at the same time. Usually at most 6 servers are open: Frankfurt One, Frankfurt Two, Frankfurt Soccer and three more servers (depending on the upcoming events and gamemode popularity).


Frankfurt servers use a modified version of STK. The running version may differ a bit from the public source code because of ongoing feature tests. In particular, this means one can use server commands. Frankfurt servers use commands widely to introduce new functionality.


Standard commands

See Commands.

Frankfurt-only commands

  • /help - display server help.
  • /commands - display usable commands on this server. Can be outdated.
  • /to username_1 username_2 ... username_n - sends all your subsequent messages on this server only to specified users. This setting keeps even if you re-enter the server later.
  • /teamchat - only usable in team based gamemodes, sends all your subsequent messages on this server only to all other players of your team. This setting keeps even if you re-enter the server later.
  • /public - resets all /to modifiers, now everyone present receive your messages.
  • /gnu [kart_name] - starts Gnu Elimination.
  • /nognu - cancels the current Gnu Elimination.
  • /standings - displays Gnu Elimination or Grand Prix standings.
  • /record track_id (normal|time-trial) (normal|reverse) laps - display the Frankfurt servers' record for a specified track, mode, direction and number of laps.
  • /power (password) - enables the hammer mode if the password is correct. The password can be not set up at all, then it is impossible to enter the hammer mode.
  • /admin (command (parameters)) - used to invoke additional commands from hammer mode, such as:
    • kickban (username) - kick and ban a player (the target shouldn't have hammer mode on and should be present)
    • kick (username) - kick a player (the target shouldn't have hammer mode on and s
    • ban (username) - kick and ban a player (the target should be absent)hould be present)
    • unban (username) - unban a player.
  • /version - displays version, like 201220 or 210524.
  • /replay [0|1] - toggles replay recording (on or off if the number is provided). Only usable by crowns and on servers with replays possibility turned on.
  • /tell (text) - sends a report to server owner. Internally the report is stored as a "report about yourself", client-wise it is shown as a "report about a server".
  • /start - equivalent to pressing the green "Ready" button.
  • /config (normal|tt|soccer|...|supertux|...) - changes server configuration if the player is crown or is in the hammer mode, and if permitted.
  • /token - a command for registering in this wiki using STK account.
  • /spectate [0|1] - toggles spectate mode just as normal STK, with the following exceptions:
    • if all players spectate, the game won't start;
    • the command without argument switches the state.
  • /addons [kart|track|arena|soccer] - lists all addons common among those players who can play (i.e. without spectators), falling into certain category. Default category is the one used by the current mode.
  • /moreaddons [kart|track|arena|soccer] - same as /addons but lists several addons that can appear among common ones if several players install them, putting first those addons that are easier to install (= less players need action).
  • Soccer Tournament commands:
    • /game (number) (duration/goals) - prepares the next game.
    • /lobby - forces everyone to lobby.
    • /init (red count) (blue count) - should be used to restore the count of an interrupted game, only after the next part of the game has loaded.
    • /role (username) (r|b|j|s) - gives a role of red player, blue player, judge/referee, or spectator to a player. Arguments can be swapped.
    • /stop - while the time runs, the goals are not counted after this command.
    • /go, /resume, /play - make goals counted again.


All racing servers together store the records of the tracks that are dependent on track, mode, direction, and number of laps. If a player beats the record, he gets notified.

You can see the current track records using the /record command or visiting the records page.

Technical details

You can connect to servers via entering server addresses. This means you don't need an STK online account to play, though in this case you won't be shown in the list of players inside the STK app in server choosing menu.

Server addresses for the respective servers are currently:

  • for Frankfurt One;
  • for Frankfurt Two;
  • for Frankfurt Soccer.

All other servers are not always opened, so this may differ.