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A typical Grand Prix standings screen

A Grand Prix (often abbreviated as GP) is an extra gamemode in SuperTuxKart.

Grand Prix can be played in Normal race, Time Trial and Follow the Leader. In GPs, instead of playing one race, there are more tracks that have to be played in a row. The better you rank, the more points you get. In the end, the player with most points wins.

Default GPs

There are 4 GPs already in the game and also used in Story Mode:

Random GPs

There is a possibility to select "Random Grand Prix". Here, you will be able to choose which track group's tracks should be played (add-ons, standard tracks), how many tracks should be played and in which direction tracks should be played. After that, all tracks and their order will be selected randomly by the game.

Grand Prix Editor

Here you can create your own GPs. You are able to choose different tracks and customize your GP as much as possible, e.g. you can also add an self-chosen name for your Grand Prix, the number of laps and played direction.


Scoring system in STK depends very much on the number of players. The last player usually gets 0 points, the player before last gets 1 points, and the higher the place, the more points a player gets, and the more points is given for raising one position above (e.g. the difference between 1st and 2nd place isn't less than the difference between 2nd and 3rd place).

Online Grands Prix

Players can create servers with Grand Prix mode, either Normal Race or Time Trial. However, they have several drawbacks:

  • Scoring system is still very much dependent on the number of players, if many players leave, it can be impossible to catch.
  • It is impossible to change the kart or skip/quit a race during the Grand Prix (which can cause accidental quits).
  • It is impossible to join the server after the Grand Prix has started, or even find out the server exists. Thus, a player cannot join the server if he accidentally left. It is also not possible to spectate the Grand Prix.
  • There are still some bugs.

However, there are servers with most of those drawbacks fixed, and public online Grands Prix servers sometimes appear in the list.