Gnu Elimination

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Gnu Elimination is a custom unofficial gamemode.

Final race of an Adiumy Elimination

Default Gnu Elimination

Gnu Elimination is a tournament for several players (more than one), consisting of several races. The first race is a usual race without limitations, and no players are considered eliminated. However, when the (first or any subsequent) race ends, the last non-eliminated player becomes eliminated and is forced to use Gnu kart in all subsequent races of the tournament (though his participation is still welcomed). Gnu is chosen because it's rather uncomfortable to play with. The last non-eliminated player wins.

Some notes:

  • Those players who were not present at the start of the Gnu Elimination are forced to use Gnu kart in all races.
  • If some non-eliminated players are not present then they are eliminated.
  • If several non-eliminated players quit, all of them are eliminated, and the last finisher is not eliminated.

Gnu Elimination was first implemented on Frankfurt servers.

There also exists a non-default Gnu Elimination which differs from the default one only in the kart used. This kart is specified when starting the Gnu Elimination.

Command details

This section describes the process of Gnu Elimination of Frankfurt servers, however, other servers can have another implementation.

The crowned player is the one who starts the Gnu Elimination typing /gnu into chat box (or /gnu (kart_id) for another kart). This player can also cancel the tournament at any moment using /nognu. Anyone can see the current standings using /standings. Note that standings appear after the first race finishes.

Gnu Elimination is compatible with modified Grand Prix mode, but /standings will provide the Grand Prix standings instead. In that case, you can specify which standings to show using /standings gnu or /standings gp.