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Soccer Tournament is a series of team soccer tournaments, which started in April 2020.

General rules and structure

Note that this section doesn't contain strict rules, but only a description of all rules throughout the time.

Registered players are partially randomly distributed into several teams using the subjective ranking. This is done in such a way that according to this ranking, teams are pretty balanced. If there are up to 6 teams, every team plays with every other team once. Otherwise, teams can be split into groups, in this case the tournament is divided into group stage and knockout stage (though this happened only once so far).

The tournament match consists of 3 games, usually with time limit 10 minutes. Played arenas for each game are either fixed in advance (in the rules) or chosen by players in-game. In case the match doesn't allow draws and teams won an equal number of games, another game until 10 goals can be held.

Teams in group stage or in all-vs-all tournament are ranked using the number of points (3 for the win in the match, 1 for the draw), then using the difference between won and lost games, then using the goals stats.

Since June 2021 tournament, players are required to have certain arenas during the match, and those arenas are chosen by everyone during the registration.


The first tournament was held in April 2020 by outchoutchou_o_bike and featured 4 teams, each with 3 players. Team C containing rOml, Ubuntu-Spieler and Isnogood became the champion, winning all three matches.

May 2020 tournament was the first one organized by FabianF and kimden. There were 6 teams with 3 players each. Team A (monk, bananenfisch, FabianF) won, despite losing one of matches.

In the next tournament in June each team was composed of 4 members because of frequent substitutions in the May tournament. However, there were many registered players who made up 8 teams. Team A (ThatsMySchmidt, Frodo88, majomox) won all five matches and the tournament.

June tournament actually ended in July, so the next tournament was held in August 2020. There were 5 teams, Team C with dbisu, qxel, grostman07 and monk won all matches and the tournament. This also was special because of monk being the first player to ever win 2 tournaments.

The next tournament started in the middle of September 2020 and ended in October, again having 5 teams. Team C (mimiz, George-Calibur, BigDB) won the tournament with 7:4 points. Team A (FabianF, Alayan, takos, Zckrfrk) and Team E (CrystalTheEevee, kimden, Waldlaubsaengernest, NickerAban) also finished with 7:4 points, but ended up ranking behind Team C due to worse game and goal differences.

In December 2020, the 6th tournament was held, for the third time in a row with 5 teams. Team D with its players TheRocker, FabianF, LLS and elvirolo won every match and the tournament. monk, player in second placed Team A, was the best scorer for the third time.

February 2021 Tournament had 4 teams only, Team A (FMWM, kimden, mimiz, Zckrfrk) won 4 out of 6 matches and the tournament. mimiz also became the best scorer, with only 4 goals more than LLS and FabianF.

In April 2021 Tournament 6 teams participated. Team F (windscribe, takos, Zckrfrk) was able to win all matches and the tournament. Zckrfrk was the first ever player winning two tournaments in a row.

In June 2021 Tournament there were 6 teams again. While until the last matches many teams could win the tournament, it was done by Team B (alfix3, mimiz, NickerAban, SARS-CoV-2), who won all matches but one. mimiz became the first triple champion.

September 2021 Tournament had 5 teams. Team E (awesomegecko, bananenfisch, mimiz, uomosenzanome) lost no matches (though hasn't won all of them) and became the champions, winning the decisive last match against Team C (EliaK-Art, FabianF, fodoman, jorgesumle2), who took second place, being only 1 point behind. mimiz won the tournament for the fourth time, and for the fourth time in a row claimed the best scorer title.

November/December 2021 Tournament had 6 teams. Team B (CrystalTheEevee, uomosenzanome, Tiana_24, mimiz) won the tournament in its last match against the second place holder Team C (kingkebab, kimden, Opensource_Gaming, takos), who finished only two points behind. mimiz won the tournament for the fifth time (and third in a row), and for the fifth time in a row claimed the best scorer title.

February 2022 Tournament was the next, this time with 32 registered players, allowing to hold a two-stage tournament for the first time since June 2020. Team G "STK Tech Drama" (CrystalTheEevee, ecocide-is-crime, Opensource_Gaming, X1lef) won the final match against Team B "Warblers" (TheGastonix09LolXD, Waldlaubsaengernest, AVPI, Gelbbrauenlaubsaenger), with both teams winning all other matches. takos scored the most goals.

# Held in Organizers Teams Players Winning Team Members Best Scorer
1 April 2020 outchoutchou_o_bike 4 13 Team C rOml, Ubuntu-Spieler, Isnogood Ubuntu-Spieler
2 May 2020 FabianF & kimden 6 23 Team A monk, bananenfisch, FabianF monk
3 June 2020 FabianF & kimden 8 38 Team A ThatsMySchmidt, Frodo88, majomox ThatsMySchmidt
4 August 2020 FabianF & kimden 5 24 Team C monk, qxel, dbisu, grostman07 monk
5 September/October 2020 FabianF & kimden 5 23 Team C mimiz, George-Calibur, BigDB CrystalTheEevee
6 December 2020 FabianF & kimden 5 26 Team D TheRocker, FabianF, LLS, elvirolo monk
7 February 2021 FabianF & kimden 4 18 Team A FMWM, kimden, mimiz, Zckrfrk mimiz
8 April 2021 FabianF & kimden 6 29 Team F takos, windscribe, Zckrfrk mimiz
9 June 2021 FabianF & kimden 6 28 Team B alfix3, mimiz, NickerAban, SARS-CoV-2 mimiz
10 September 2021 FabianF & kimden 5 31 Team E awesomegecko, bananenfisch, mimiz, uomosenzanome mimiz
11 November/December 2021 FabianF & kimden 6 33 Team B CrystalTheEevee, uomosenzanome, Tiana_24, mimiz mimiz
12 February 2022 FabianF & kimden 8 42 Team G CrystalTheEevee, ecocide-is-crime, Opensource_Gaming, X1lef takos


A special modified version of STK server is prepared for the tournament (since May 2020), which allows to control how the rules of the tournament are satisfied (e.g. whether only players select the arena and play, which colors are used, which arenas are played).