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FabianF is a German STK player.


FabianF is a fast racing player that was first in the player rankings for several months and completed more than 4000 ranked races. His most chosen tracks on ranked are Hacienda, Oliver's Math Class, and (for addons) Nostalgia. Typically used kart is orange/red/blue Emule.

He is also a speedrunner, though a bit of unusual one since he doesn't make many runs. Though, he is the only one who has completed 100 laps of icycave_test31 for now.

FabianF is also a soccer player and a participant of soccer tournaments, as well as their organizer.

Also the German is famous for using multiple accounts (though rarely), some of them are self-describing (MobileFabianF, JustACheater), some are unknown, though most of those accounts generate local memes. See FabianF's alternative accounts.

FabianF started playing SuperTuxKart around 2011, but created his first online account in June 2019. He soon climbed up in the online rankings and was very focused on getting a higher rank, he even cheated some ranking points to get high-ranked as soon as possible. In January 2020, he got first in the rankings by overtaking theodorepringle and for the first time since April 2019 there was a non-American on the top of the rankings. From then on until the new ranking system was introduced in August 2020, the German stayed on top of the rankings, with a few minor exceptions. A short time after he got first, he started playing actively with his in October 2019 created account MobileFabianF. Due to Benau calling this abusive playing, his mobile account got resetted when it already was 15th in the rankings and in May 2020 he got -1000 points. See more details in MobileFabianF's page.

Personal information

FabianF pays very much attention to his privacy, so most of his personal data is unknown. It is quite likely that his real name indeed is Fabian F. even if he never confirmed that. He also gave some hints on his age, though there are no clear statements about that. The only real facts known about him are his birthday and that he is red-green-colourblind.


  • Best racing rank: 1
  • Number of ranked races: very big
  • Soccer Tournament May 2020 champion (together with monk and bananenfisch)
  • Number of alternative accounts: unknown but probably quite big