Oliver's Math Class

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Oliver's Math Class is an official SuperTuxKart track with Egg Hunt, created by Oliver & Steve Baker, and also a CTF arena.

The track shown from above


Oliver's Math Class is the only track besides Shifting Sands and Snow Peak that has been in all versions of SuperTuxKart. The track was changed a few times, with biggest changes happening to 0.9 where it was altered to make it slightly more difficult. An older revision of the track is now still available as an addon called Old Math Class.


Oliver's Math Class is the shortest track in STK, a typical lap takes about 12 seconds. The default number of laps is 6.

Right after the start, there are 3 nitro cans in the middle of an 180 degree curve to the right. Before the track turns 180 degree again, but this time to the left, the track has a short straight, offering 3 giftboxes. After the second sharp turn, the road is getting a bit wider and offers the possibility to climb on a ruler on the left which is giving 3 small nitros. However, this way is hardly used, as players would have to turn really sharp in order to use it, and they would also miss 4 gifts. Then, the main road goes slightly left, but the driving flow is getting interrupted by some chair legs and books. Going to the left of the chair that is mainly disturbing means having to avoid a banana, so the smarter choice is going right to the chair and taking a giftbox. The track keeps turning slightly to the left until it has formed a 90 degree curve, offering 3 nitros. Then, it turns in a rather short curve again 90 degree to the left, having 3 giftboxes in that curve. Players can now go the left, again using a ruler-way rewarding them with 2 big nitros. This path can be worth taking it, as there are no other nitros or giftboxes that are missed when taking it. It follows a nitro set consisting of 4 nitros, a 90 degree turn to the left, a small straight with another ruler-way, again offering 2 big nitros as well as a 4 small nitro set, before a turn to the left leads players into the finish.

The shortcut entry

There also is a shortcut which can be used after the first ruler-way and before the disturbing chairs. It can be done by doing a sharp turn to the left and then going straight, having to avoid many chairs and ending in front of the second ruler-way. This shortcut needs some practice to be executed properly, but it is really worth doing it as it saves a lot of time. It is a known and intended shortcut that won't be removed. It is used by the majority of players in online races, and of course in speedruns, so consider precticing it in case you haven't yet.

The track is located in a classroom, there are many books, chairs and other school supplies that can be very annoying, especially for newer players. However, they also make the track looking okay and not very boring. There is also a computer standing on the table with some attractive money deal on the screen (however, you can ride there only with Egg Hunt mode).

Overall, Oliver's Math Class is a track that requires a lot of practice until it can be done correctly. It often is quite chaotic in online gameplay as it is very short and can be narrow, especially in the shortcut, and has a lot of giftboxes.

The track length also allows players to not spend much time on races with a big number of laps. For example, it doesn't usually take even 30 minutes to complete 100 laps.

CTF arena

CTF arena minimap, with the track and the shortcut highlighted

The CTF arena derived from this track is rather unusual because it is not symmetrical and thus doesn't repeat itself. The flags are located in the corners of the minimap, and there are many other paths available compared to the track. Each flag can be accessed using at least two ways which makes the game more dynamic.