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A banana is a bad item standing on a road.

Hitting a banana can result in gaining one of these things onto your kart:

  • Anchor: Slows down the kart suddenly.
  • Bomb: Will make your kart explode after 30 seconds, or in case you hit another banana or another kart with a bomb before. You can transfer a bomb to another kart unless it transferred the bomb to you immediately before that, this increases the time limit a bit (note that the bomb can return when there is a third player).
  • Parachute: Slows down the kart for a longer time. Also, the faster a player drives, the more it slows him down, so a player can actually manage how much time is lost.
  • Nothing if a banana is not an item. This rarely happens, though. See List of tracks with fake items.

You can get rid of anchor, bomb or parachute immediately applying a swatter or bubblegum. If the kart had a bubblegum before, no bad things happen to the kart except that the gum is lost onto the track.