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A speedrun is a play-through of the whole game or of single parts of the game, like different tracks or Grand Prix.

Possible SuperTuxKart speedruns

Full-game speedruns in STK:

  • Any% - Playthrough of the Story Mode, the goal is to get a cup for every challenge (all tracks and 4 Grands Prix).
  • All Tracks GP - A Grand Prix of all 21 standard tracks.
  • All Challenges SuperTux - All Story Mode challenges in SuperTux difficulty (as this difficulty is not available before the start, some challenges should be completed more than once).

In Story Mode you will find a speedrun timer in the upper right corner (since version 1.1).

Apart from this, all 21 standard tracks can be played in Time Trial in any direction and with their default number of laps; and there are Egg Hunt speedruns for all tracks which support that gamemode. For recording and submitting speedruns often the ghost replay feature is being used.



Anyone can be a speedrunner by submitting his runs. Currently, theodorepringle is the one holding most world records.