Snow Peak

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Snow Peak is an official SuperTuxKart track, created by Jean-Manuel Clémencon (samuncle) and Ivar Ten Cate.

The track from above


Snow Peak is one of the first SuperTuxKart tracks (originally created for TuxKart), previously known as SnowTux Peak and Geeko Peak. Before being renamed and turned into a snow themed track surrounded by an ocean of ice, it used to be a dirt-covered volcano surrounded by an ocean of lava.


The track is rather short with typical lap time around 30 seconds, but the default lap number is 3. It consists mainly of 90° turns, but they are rather wide. The main thing to do is to stay on track, to not touch the rocky walls and to not be pushed away from the track as it would cost plenty of time.

The first five turns are all left 90° turns, with two giftboxes only after the second of them, after a small wooden bridge. After the third turn there is a banana on the left side. The next two corners are united into one 180° curve and contain 3 giftboxes with a banana a bit further. From this point, the straights between the turns become smaller, and the set of three right 90° turns begins. The first of them (and maybe others too) can be cut a bit using a jump from the right side, a heavy kart is recommended for that.

Next, a left 90° turn leads to a long wooden bridge to a snow rock. Then the road makes a 180° right turn leading to another part of the bridge. The 180° turn contains two important nitros while the second part of the bridge has 3 giftboxes. Another right turn completes the track.

Note that if you are off-track (e.g. located a bit lower because of a mistake) it is highly recommended to rescue as soon as possible since there are not many places where you can recover yourself, and that can take time (despite it can seem there is a path back). Rescues are, however, not very fair: if you are pushed by another kart from the track and that kart also went off, there is a probability of you rescuing much behind that kart. Another important note is about races in the reverse direction: the positions are calculated wrongly for the last part of the track (the first part for normal direction) so going off there costs much time.

The track is most suitable for heavy and medium karts, but generally the races here are very random so anyone has the chance to win (and anyone has even bigger chance to lose). This is also the reason new players tend to choose this track and top players may prefer to select another track.

There are usually no lags on this track unless the server has problems or there are too many players racing.

Snow Peak had no updates for a while, and supposedly will be replaced in the future by Snow Weeks, a track by Sven Andreas Belting.