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Waldlaubsaengernest is a German STK player who likes to play both normal racing and soccer. Apart from that he is also a software developer (C++ and Java) and ornithologist (with a special preference for leaf warblers / Laubsänger).


Waldlaubsaengernest discovered SuperTuxKart in 2011, when he missed its predecessor SuperTux, which was installed by default on Linux Suse. At that time 0.7 was the latest version. In 2015 he created the first online account, which he still plays today. In 2019 Waldlaubsaengernest was added, which has since become the main account at a friend's desire. It is considered likely that there is a third account too, which has been kept secret until now.

For normal races Waldlaubsaengernest prefers the tracks Old Mine, Snow Peak and Minigolf as well as the karts Gavroche, Pidgin and Tux. For the addons the preferred tracks are Tux Tollway, Rhomboor, China, myOLDtrack and x-treme-track, the preferred karts are Mr. Iceblock, Ubuntu and VLC.

For soccer, Waldlaubsaengernest prefers the fields Icy Soccer Field, Forest and Vivid Vacuum as well as the karts Wilber, Tux and Mr. Iceblock. He enjoys playing the role of defender or goalkeeper in soccer.

Development / Organization

Together with TheRocker, Waldlaubsaengernest adapted kimden's STK code for the organization of TheRocker's customized tournaments. Here a list of some new features:

  • /setfield [soccer_field_id] Setting up the next played soccer field. Players who don't have it installed become spectators.
  • /settrack [track_name_id] Setting up the next played track. Players who don't have it installed become spectators.
  • /mode {time, normal, soccer-time, soccer-goal} Changing the server mode. Sounds trivial, but for owner-less servers there is no built-in way to change the mode.
  • Live-join with addon karts This feature was disabled by STK because of more difficulties compared to addon tracks (but partially enabled in 1.2 version).