STK 1.4

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STK 1.4 was released on October 31, 2022. It is compatible with all 1.x versions in terms of gameplay.

Visible changes

Technical changes


  • Fixes for the parachute powerup.
  • Support for the ARMv7 architecture for Windows.
  • Fix Gatekeeper crash on Mac OS X 10.9 to macOS 10.14. Which restores compatibility for those mentioned macOS versions.
  • Avoid triggering other goal lines when the goal is already scored.
  • Fix gyroscope on walldriving surface.


  • Experimental Vulkan support has been added. Although it doesn't support advanced pipeline yet.
  • Optimizations to Level of Detail
  • Implement High DPI support in SDL2
  • Make sky particle always fall vertically

Tracks and Modeling


  • Make max number of players configurable in game.
  • Allow using real addon karts (same hitbox and kart type as in local game). This means that properties of addon karts such as it's type and hitbox will be reflected across other players.


  • Add left side ghost replay difficulties

Changes outside of the game code

As a result of many addons appearing in the period before 1.3 release, over 200 new addons were created.

In addition to several major events from before, like Soccer Tournament, STK Super-Tournament, and public Grands Prix, a series of STK Discord Server Events was held, including speedrunning events, ranking-based events, events played on certain tracks, and even Free-for-All ranking-based event Battle July 2022.