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Volcan Island is an official SuperTuxKart track, made by Fabio Ponzi.



Volcan Island was released in May 2016 as an addon and was added to the main game a month later. As it wasn't created specifically for the main game, it didn't replace any of previous official tracks. Some people view it as a replacement of Classic Volcano.


The track is known for its long long turns around two volcanoes, and it is rather long (a lap without cuts takes around 1 minute), so the default number of laps is 2. The track is mostly suitable for heavy karts, especially if there are many laps.

The lap starts with a right turn, and after that the road changes to sand (so it is a bit slower than usual) and splits into two parts which cross each other a bit later. You should take care of not being hit by karts on the other part of the road, and also you can switch from one part to another at the crossing, or riding between the stone and the banana on the corresponding side.

Then there is a very long (540°+) right turn around the northern volcano, which gets tighter and tighter, and has a few items at the start and three big nitros at the end. You should take the rightmost possible driveline to not lose time, and big nitros are very important.

A point to jump from

After the right turns section, there is a straight leading to left turns around another volcano. There are three bananas on the straight, and a few stones are surrounding it; however, you can use the stones to bypass the layer of invisible walls around the track, and jump to one of the next sections (though it is difficult, and therefore used more in speedruns, rather than normal races).

Then there are a few gifts and a long series (450°+) of left turns around the southern volcano, which contains three small nitros and ends with bananas, which you can also avoid riding closely near the wall. Eventually, the road transforms into a slow sandy section and makes a jump over the water from the bay. Rescuing at this place can be painful as it is much faster to pass it while having enough speed.

The lap ends with long left and right turns under the top of the volcanoes, which lead to the starting grid.

As there are not many types of turns, there are no obstacles which could bring some randomness into the race, and the road is wide enough to reduce the number of mistakes, the track is considered as rather boring by some players.

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