Volcan Island

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  • WIP*

Volcan Island is an official SuperTuxKart track.

Volcan Island.jpg


It was released in May 2016 as an addon and got added to the main game a month later. It doesn't really replace a track because there was a new place created in the overworld but it can be seen it as a replacement of Classic Volcano.


A few players don't like Volcan Island because they think the gameplay boring due to most turns being pretty similar to each other and very wide. There are two shortcuts and an experimental one. The first one, featured in this video, is not interesting anymore. The second one saves between 2 and 6 seconds. It consists of bouncing on the rock after three big nitros. The easiest strategy is to do a yellow skid, then use nitro and zipper and bounce on rock, at this precise point.

Volcan Island shortcut.jpg

I'll introduce the experimental shortcut later (yes this page is WIP). Lol.


They are correct, people think it needs a texture overhaul and a few more things in background. FPS are okay and there aren't lags.


WR is 1:44.592 by Theodorepringle, TAS is 1:44.675 by Fouks. 0.9.3 WR is 1:49.995 by Wax.