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STK Super-Tournament is a team soccer tournament, first organized by TheRocker and partly by Waldlaubsaengernest in July 2020.

Current structure and rules

The tournament's rules are slightly changed in every tournament in order to meet the conditions such as the number of teams.

Usually the tournament match consists of 3 games. The first game is played on Icy Soccer Field, the third game is played on Tournament Field, and the second game is played on arena that is not used in the other two games. This arena is chosen by the home team of the match, while the other (guest) team needs to install that arena to play.

The tournament is usually played in two rounds, in each round every team plays against every other team. The second round differs from the first round in the fact that in each pair of teams, the home team and the guest team are swapped. Thus, in the whole tournament every team plays with every other team once as the home team and once as the guest team.

There is also the restriction about arena selection: each arena used in the second game of the match is used only once per tournament. As the arenas are usually selected directly before the game, this can probably limit the teams that play later, and can limit the total number of teams.

Teams generation

Teams formed by players are allowed. Other teams are generated subjectively by organizers, taking into account the players' roles in the team and overall balance. Those teams can further be discussed until the tournament starts.


The first STK Super-Tournament was held in July. Team A consisting of monk, bodicelu, qxel won by goals from Team C (jsonbrne, mimiz, Waldlaubsaengernest).

The second STK Super-Tournament was held in September. Team B (mimiz and qxel) won.

The third STK Super-Tournament was held in November. Team A (monk, FabianF, bananenfisch won. This team also won the Soccer Tournament May 2020 and was a team formed by players themselves.