STK 1.3

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STK 1.3 was released on September 28, 2021. It is compatible with all 1.x versions in terms of gameplay.

Visible changes

  • Custom camera setting can be saved now by Benau.
  • /mute command, by Benau
  • Added support for Switch, by Mstrodl
  • Updated artist debug mode, by Worldblender
  • Discord rich presence, by Mstrodl
  • Added last entered IP addresses list, by mrkubax10
  • Custom kart colors are visible in the icons list and in the result screen, by Heuchi1
  • Fixes for "cancel ranked race" exploit, by Benau
  • Loading times are reduced for heavy tracks, by Heuchi1

Technical changes

Changes outside of the game code

Over 50 new addon karts and tracks were created, mostly by CrystalTheEevee and mimiz.

Several major events were held: