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Since October 2017 STK fans are able to play the game on Android, since January 2020 also on iOS.

Different versions

There are both "SuperTuxKart" and "SuperTuxKart Beta" available - the normal one is the lastest stable release (e.g. 1.1), the Beta version is a recently released git version.

Mobile controls

Mobile STK with steering wheel
Mobile STK with gyroscope

Mobile players can choose between these control settings:

  • Steering wheel - the most used setting. Players have a steering wheel on the left of their screen and can steer by touching and moving it.
  • Gyroscope - players have a button on the left of their screen where they can set the direction of their driving: Forward/Driving (D), Staying/Neutral (N) and Backwards/Reverse (R). By moving their device they can drive more left and right. The camera will rotate here as well.
  • Accelerometer - the same as Gyroscope, but instead of moving the device tilting it. The camera won't rotate.

In all steering setting there are the following things on the right:

  • a mirror button to look back
  • a Nitro button
  • a skid button
  • a button to use your items (it will show items that you have, and in case you don't have any items the button will be missing, but you can still press there to make a sound, just like in computer STK)

Usage and feedback

Overall, mobile STK is way more difficult to play than PC STK. Though, many players play the game on mobile and there are more Android users than Windows users at all. In Google Play Store, STK's average rating is 4.5/5.0 stars, most negative comments complain about the rather difficult steering.


There are a few good mobile players playing online, most known are Samurai-Goroh108, skindoormimiz and MobileFabianF. However, there are many different opinions on so called Mobile accounts especially when they are used on Ranked.