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Mobile accounts are alternate accounts played on mobile phones in online gaming.


In October 2019, the first mobile accounts appeared. Some of these accounts were created in order to play online Ranked races on mobile, but not losing many ranking points due to not being used to playing on mobile. Another (and more frequent) reason for creating a mobile account is telling people about usage of mobile STK immediately (there were no mobile icons yet).

The community got divided by the opinions about the ranked mobile accounts. Some players said there is nothing bad in them because playing mobile STK is very different from standard STK, and the skill differs. Other players said this always leads to cheating. In fact, there were cheating cases but they could be easily done without mobile accounts.

At some point, Benau started removing the online ranking of a few Ranked mobile accounts and forbid creating further such accounts, as ranking system should be "per person" according to him. However, some mobile accounts did not get removed, as well as Benau did say different things about this topic; therefore there are different opinions about mobile accounts in general and about the actions Benau had been doing, and removing doesn't necessarily mean it had a valid reason.

List of popular mobile accounts