Cocoa Temple

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Cocoa Temple is an official SuperTuxKart track, made by Jean-Manuel Clémencon (samuncle)



The track first appeared in 0.8.1, and was eventually released in 0.9. It is a jungle-themed track that replaced Amazonian Journey.


The track has rather standard length, with 3 as default number of laps. It is most suitable for heavy and medium karts, but as it has a huge amount of objects, in online racing lags should be taken into account.

As Amazonian Journey, in general Cocoa Temple is a variation of a circular clockwise directed track with some turns. It starts with splitting the road into two paths. The right path is the main wide road, turning left immediately and then becoming a long right turn where a red skid is easy to achieve. It has two groups of powerups. The left path, however, is tilted by 90° and goes to be under the main path. Both paths are approximately equal, but the tilted path is usually less used and therefore probably has less collisions at the start. However, mobile devices cannot always handle vertical rides.

After both paths join, the road splits again several times. The fastest path is to go right into the narrow part with small nitros, and then turn left to use a big zipper. There are several other paths, some are wide and some are narrow, but they are slower (and some are much slower) despite having some other items. Those paths eventually merge into two wide roads which then merge too. The optimal path belongs to the road that comes to that point from the left, that road also contains 3 consecutive small nitros that are important enough to take them.

From that left road, another way to rejoin the track exists: jumping to the left from the track leads to a narrow sand road with a big nitro, followed by a zipper that returns the kart to the main road. This path is a bit risky and is used mostly in speedruns. However, it may be not optimal in online races.

Then there is another pair of parallel roads, however, they both have a powerup and a banana and only the order of those objects is different there. There is also a small ramp with zipper from the right path to the left path which can be used to have a tighter tuen and to save around 0.3s per lap. The last part of the track is a zipper cannon leading to a big right turn.

Cocoa Temple has a nice appearance but it costs players' FPS and causes lags pretty often, thus it has little popularity in online gaming.