Candela City

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Candela City is an official STK track, created by Jean-Manuel Clémencon (samuncle).

The track shown from above


After being available for some time as bonus track in the donation pack, Candela City got an official track in STK 0.9.3, replacing Shiny Suburbs which is now still available as an addon.


Candela City is most suitable for middleweight karts. A typical lap takes a bit longer than 30 seconds, the default number of laps however is 3.

The starting grid is placed on a short straight. Right after the start, a sharp turn to the right challenges the players. A short straight, a bridge over a river, follows, having a giftbox on the left side of the road, a small nitro on the right side, and a big nitro in the middle of the road which is however tricky to get because of a banana in front of it. This part of the track often is considered as the most difficult one, mainly because of the sharp turn and the difficult but important nitro. After that, the road turns right and splits into two parts with the possibility of easily changing from one way to the other on one of the middle paths, all containing different numbers and kinds of items (bananas, nitros, giftboxes). The two main ways are going straight, not having any items until the two paths merge and the road turns left into a long semicircle-like curve which contains 3 giftboxes and ends in 3 small nitros. A 90 degree turn to the left, a short straight, another 90 degree turn to the right and a longer straight with a giftbox surrounded by bananas follow. Then, the road turns 90 degree to the right, a straight with two itemboxes follows and the road turns left onto the final straight.

Overall, Candela City has a rather boring gameplay without many challenging parts except the start, but tactical playing is needed to win a race, especially at the part where the road is splitted.

The whole road is a cobblestone city road, as the track is located in a city at night with streets, trees and houses in the background. There are many other roads, not only the race road, but most of them are not possible to reach without any trick like flying (Artist Debug Mode). There is hardly any possibility to go offroad in an actual race since next to the road there is nearly always an invisible wall, fences or water rescuing. The track is considered as one of the high-graphic tracks which also leads to lags and thus low popularity in online gameplay.

Battle arena

There is also a version of Candela City that works as a battle arena for FFA and CTF.