Around the Lighthouse

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Around the Lighthouse is an official SuperTuxKart track, created by Jean-Manuel Clémencon (samuncle).

The track shown from above


Around the Lighthouse is part of the game since version 0.2, but has gone through several complete remakes and revamps. Older revisions are now available as addons, named Old Lighthouse which differs a lot compared to the current track, and Old Around the lighthouse which doesn't differ that much from the current one.


Around the Lighthouse is most suitable for middleweight karts. A typical lap takes a bit longer than 25 seconds, the default number of laps is 4.

The starting grid is located in a straight. The first curve is a 180 degree one to the left, containing 4 gifts in its middle. Then, the track slightly turns to the left a bit more, and then to the right, offering two nitros on the right side of the track and 1 nitro on the left side. Before the track goes down in smooth slight left-right-left curves combination which ends in 4 giftboxes, there are is a small nitro on each side of the track, surrounding 2 gifts. After the curves combination, the track has reached its sandy part on the sea after players have turned right and slightly to the left. A straight follows, containing 2 nitros on the right side (the side where the sea is) and 2 gifts on the left side of the track. Afterwards, the track does a long 180 degree turn to the left to come back into the grassy-muddy part of the beginning, offering 2 gifts on the right side of the track in the middle of the turn. On the straight after 2 more gifts surrounded by 2 small nitros are provided. The track afterwards does a small turn to the left, then a 180 degree turn to the right leading to the final straight.

The major part of the track is, as already described above, located in a grassy-muddy landscape with some stones, trees and houses. A minor part is a sandy road (still combined with a muddy looking part of the road), down at the sea which can be seen on the right side and also having some houses, on the left side of the track. The biggest object of the track is a lighthouse, as the track's name says, which is placed above the part of the track where the sandy road begins. However, the road actually does not lead "around" the lighthouse, and it also cannot be seen at all places of the track. The whole track is rainy and has a somewhat dark landscape. The lighthouse's light makes the track however a bit lighter.

Many parts of the track, especially the grassy one, are surrounded by fences and invisible walls which makes it difficult to actually explore the landscape. However, there is an easter egg which can only be reached by going offroad. It is a grave, remembering the victims of a plane crash. [Note: No more hints about this easter egg is given here since interested users should find it themselves.]

Overall, Around the Lighthouse is a pretty interesting track for most players, not that difficult, but having some difficult curves in it, also a good item usage and a bit of luck is needed to win a race here. The track is not one of the most, but neither one of the least popular ones in online gaming.