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Egg hunt is a gamemode in STK. It is currently playable offline only. The goal of every egg hunt is to find all eggs which are hidden somewhere in the track. The positions of eggs are fixed in advance but can differ between the difficulties.


Most egg hunts make use of a Thunderbird exploit. If you cross the start-finish line at the very beginning, but then immediately start driving in the backward direction, Thunderbird will not update your rescue location. In other words, if you respawn, you will go back to the finish line. For most egg hunts karts which fall under the lightweight category help getting best results.

A related technique is just riding in the reverse direction. Most egg hunt creators put eggs in such a way that they are hardly visible when riding in normal direction, so this method can help a lot. This doesn't produce "WRONG WAY!" label because in this gamemode a player is free to move anywhere.

Tracks supporting egg hunt

Currently not all tracks do support egg hunt gamemode. However, an STK player already made unofficial egg hunts of all official STK tracks.

Official tracks

  • Cocoa Temple: 6 eggs in Novice and Intermediate difficulty, 7 eggs in Expert and SuperTux difficulty.
  • Hacienda: 7 eggs in all difficulties.
  • Minigolf: 6 eggs in all difficulties.
  • Oliver's Math Class: 7 eggs in Novice difficulty, 8 eggs in Intermediate, Expert and SuperTux difficulty.
  • Volcan Island: 6 eggs in Novice difficulty, 7 eggs in Intermediate difficulty, 8 eggs in Expert and SuperTux difficulty.
  • Zen Garden: 6 eggs in Novice difficulty, 4 eggs in Intermediate, Expert and SuperTux difficulty.