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kimden/stk-code is a modified version of STK servers, created by kimden.


Servers using kimden/stk-code



Major changes

  • Possibility to have a proper Grand Prix server: doesn't become private after the start, players can use different karts in different races, players can join or leave, added custom scoring.
  • Possibility to play a Gnu Elimination
  • Soccer tournament mode: the first mode to have players colored in 3 colors, enforces rules of soccer tournament provided in config file and has numerous options for it.
  • Possibility to have a table of records for racing servers and notify a player if he has beaten a record
  • Possibility to record ghost replays on a server if the player agrees
  • Angry owner mode: with password available only to owner, the owner can become invulnerable to kicks and kick (or temporarily ban) annoying players even being not a crowned player. There are also some other functions like forbidding to start the game.
  • Possibility to force players to have certain number of certain addons (karts, tracks, battle arenas and/or soccer fields) to enter the server
  • Possibility to send messages only to certain players
  • /teamchat: a command that makes messages to be received only by teammates in team-based gamemodes. Unlike built-in button (that appeared much later), works also in the lobby.
  • Auto spectating mode (/spectate) slightly differs from the main STK and is actively used in servers on which not all players are intended to play.
  • Possibility to make a server where only the crowned player can play

Minor changes

  • Possibility to provide information to players using /help command without making server description long
  • Possibility to force players to have certain tracks/arenas to enter the server
  • Possibility to enable (or disable) only a fixed subset of tracks/arenas on the server
  • Possibility to have a server with fixed lap count (up to 255) and/or fixed number of goals/duration of soccer game
  • Possibility to forbid certain difficulties and/or modes on a configurable server
  • Possibility to create chat-only server
  • Possibility to disable kicks on a server with crowned player
  • Possibility for players to send a message to the server owner (works like a report in the database), and for the server owner to send one-time messages to certain players.
  • Possibility to store the facts of one player kicking another in a database with reports
  • Possibility to have "unfair teams" in team-based gamemodes (like 1 vs 7)
  • Possibility to predefine the first several tracks played on the server
  • Possibility to allow a predefined list of players to enter anything as a password for a private server
  • Possibility to not show mobile icons near players' names
  • Possibility to get rid of own goals and replace most of them with normal goals using the principle "the scorer is the one who touched last from the scoring team"
  • max-moveable-objects is changed to 30 to allow tracks like bowling to work



  • The main issue: the code is not intended to change client side code, instead, the code is meant to somehow work with the existing clients who actually have no idea about other versions.
  • The server database should be slightly changed to use this version.
  • Auto spectating mode and servers with only crowned player in action have some bugs.
  • Grands Prix also have bugs.