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Bretagne servers is a group of STK servers located in Bretagne/France and hosted by remihb.

List of servers

  • Bretagne Custom - a server supporting any gamemode.
  • Bretagne Race - a server supporting Normal race only.
  • Bretagne Soccer - a Soccer server, with goal limit.

In November 2019, there also was a Bretagne Ranked server for a short time, but it turned out to be fake.

Popularity and connection

Bretagne servers is one of the most popular server groups, especially because of its soccer server that is being played very much. Most times, Bretagne does not lag too much, but it is possible that players get a connection problem sometimes.

Special features

Bretagne servers are using the same code as Frankfurt servers, thus nearly all features available on Frankfurt are also available on Bretagne (e.g. records, private chat, ...).

Reports (and messages to server owner) are public unlike most servers.