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STK Latinoamérica is a group of STK servers located in Argentina, Brazil and Miami and hosted by UnsolvedCypher, G. Kart, fodoman and sandrodc.

Connection and popularity

In mid-2020, STK Latinoamérica was consisting of one server, which was the only South American server except SuperTuxKart Brasil, thus being quite popular for South American players. However, several more servers appeared later, including servers with and without bots, servers in both Argentina and Brazil, and 100 lap servers.

As the servers are located in South America, the connection can be pretty bad for some Europeans and Asians. However, there is an active ongoing work towards reducing the ping and packet loss. In particular, there are attempts to run servers a bit closer to the rest of the world (e.g. in Fortaleza).

The servers are pretty popular as there are few other servers in that region, and these servers work best for South American players.

Special features

The server uses the same code as Frankfurt servers, thus nearly all features available on Frankfurt are also available on Latinoamérica (e.g. records, private chat, ...).

Records list and banned players are publicly visible on the homepage of the server.

In 2021, a speedrun ranking was established. It has an interesting criteria to grade the players: the less the sum of places on separate tracks, the better a player is ranked.