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Strasbourg servers was a group of servers located in Strasbourg/France.

List of servers


Strasbourg servers were a very popular group of servers, but they were not quite controlled and updated because their owner wasn't present in STK anymore after 1.0 was released.

Strasbourg Ranked was the most popular server in 2019 next to Poland Ranked. But while time was going, more and more weird bugs and glitches happened. This only got worse after 1.1 version was released in January 2020, because the server still was only supporting 1.0. It got very laggy for some players and checkline issues happened (in particular, riding XR591 was combined with a risk to have a lap not counted).

Ranking resets sometimes happened too: this happened for 2 players in October 2019, and probably in March 2020. In April 2020, Strasbourg servers got hidden by Benau after kimden complained about bad lags and uncontrollable kart. A recording of this problem and ranting can be found here.

Strasbourg Custom was also popular among racers and soccer players until it crashed for some reason (and had no chance to be restarted) in summer 2019.