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Rocker's servers is a group of STK servers located in Germany and hosted by TheRocker.


Most of Rocker's servers are allowing Soccer mode only.

The servers use a modified version of kimden/stk-code. As that version didn't merge commits from other versions (both kimden/stk-code and official STK) for a long time, the commands' names and syntax may differ, but generally the set of commands is roughly the same as the set of commands for kimden/stk-code corresponding version (200828). One of the useful unique commands is /fake which can display a certain player as another player to all others.

Rocker's servers also typically host STK Super-Tournament, and also an Elo-based multiplayer ranking was introduced in December 2020, which became popular next month. Earlier, 1 vs 1 Elo-based rankings were introduced.

On July 29, 2020, an automatic scorer list was added to most soccer servers.

To comply with Super-Tournament's and ranking's web page requirements, the code may invoke local scripts and operating system commands to ensure that pages are updated in the same way as intended, so the usage of the code by other users is unfortunately limited.

List of servers

  • Rocker's 3 vs 3 Soccer Server - a soccer server for at most 6 players. Its goal is declared as training for tournaments.
  • Rocker's 1 vs 1 Soccer Server - a soccer server for 1v1 matches, using some modification of Elo system, based on goals scored and time played.
  • Rocker's Large Soccer Server - a soccer server for 14 players.
  • Rocker Soccer Ranking - a soccer server with multiplayer Elo-based ranking.
  • Rocker Race - a racing server with 100 slots.
  • STK-Supertournament - a server which allows to register and provide your timetable for STK Super-Tournament and play its matches.

Note that the actual names may differ a bit.