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PlaySTK servers is a group of servers located in Miami and hosted by tux_peng.

List of servers

Current servers

  • PlaySTK 1 Miami July-28-2020
  • PlaySTK 2 Miami (All Featured Addons)
  • PlaySTK 3 Miami (All Featured Addons)

All three servers can be played in any gamemode.

Old servers

Until July 2020, these servers existed, but partly were shut down due to being unpopular:

  • PlaySTK 1 (San Francisco) (14-Jan-20)
  • PlaySTK 2 (San Francisco)
  • PlaySTK 3 (Miami)
  • PlaySTK 4 (Virginia)
  • PlaySTK 5 (Virginia)
  • PlaySTK 6 (Miami)

All of these servers could be played in any gamemode.

Popularity and connection

Mostly, the servers are played in European night and by American and South American players, but not as much as some other servers. For the "main players", Americans and South Americans, connection is quite good most time and lags are rather rare. Europeans, however, may have some lags at PlaySTK servers even if this of course also díffers.