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HK servers is a group of STK servers located in Hong Kong and hosted by Benau.

HK servers in server list

List of servers

  • HK STK #1 (Ranked) - The only Ranked server using Time Trial mode.
  • HK STK #2 (Ranked) - A normal Ranked server using Normal race mode.
  • HK STK #3 - A server with bots, supporting Normal race only.
  • HK STK #4 - A soccer server.
  • HK STK #5 - A Free-For-All server.
  • HK STK #6 - A Capture the Flag server.
  • I ❤️ Hong Kong - A server supporting any gamemode.

All servers except "I ❤️ Hong Kong" are ownerless servers.


HK servers are playable quite well for Asian players. However, European players have to complain about a high ping like 200ms or more and sometimes lags.

Special features

There are no special features at HK servers, but because of Benau being a developer of the game, HK servers are often the first ones getting any kind of updates or new STK features.