3 Strikes Battle

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3 Strikes Battle (abbreviated as 3SB) is one of the battle gamemodes in SuperTuxKart. It is playable only offline.

In 3 Strikes Battle, just like in Free-For-All, players need to hit others with powerups while not being hit and not driving into bananas or other areas that can rescue the kart (e.g. lava).

Unlike FFA, all players have 3 lives in 3 Strikes Battle. Players do not get any points, instead every time a player is hit or is rescued, one life is lost. The game ends when there is only one player with lives left. Each life except the last one is denoted by a wheel behind the kart, once it is hit, a wheel drops.

After some time, a spare life karts can appear, marked with a heart on the minimap. A player needs to run into this kart to gain a life (it can only be done when there are initially less than 3 lives).


A list of 3 Strikes Battle arenas is the same as for FFA, and can be found here.