Hosting a tournament server

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If you want to create own tournament-like server, please consider using this version of STK for that. Standard 1.1/git STK can be used too but then all the actions required to follow the rules should be done manually (like pressing ESC and setting another time/goals limit).

Basic network requirements

Before you start, please make sure you can actually host a server reachable publicly (not behind a firewall, etc) and can manage ports for example. You will need to open one to host a server. Try to start a server within STK app, if it is not reachable for other players, you probably cannot host a normal server due to network limitations. Unfortunately, it is not the perfect way to check if the server will be ok for everyone.

You can modify this config to use for your server. Just change the server name and port to applicable (and optionally motd and help) and run the server providing the config file.

Compiling from source

You can clone the code from this github repo. It is not updated as frequently as main stk repo, but it is usually updated at least before each tournament to comply with the rules and match format.

You can use normal STK guides (, to compile STK from source. The only restriction for running server are 4 additional fields in the database (in case you use it).

Precompiled binaries for Windows

If you use Windows, to host a server with tournament option you can download two archives: assets (1.1Gb) and server executable (60Mb) and follow the instructions in README.txt in You will also need to install Visual C++ libraries (additional 1+ GB probably).


The server which hosts the upcoming match should:

  • Use <soccer-tournament value=“true” /> if using the tournament version of the server and provide manual control of the actions to follow the rules otherwise. In the latter case, the server owner should remind players and spectators about required actions like pressing ESC before the game starts or using /spectate 1 command.
  • Have all members of playing teams and referees specified in soccer-tournament-players option of server config with correct colors. Organizers kindly ask to specify them as referees too (as long as they are not members of playing teams) to prevent blocking of server due to absence of referees.

Example: <soccer-tournament-players value=“R playerA1 playerA2 playerA3 playerA4 B playerB1 playerB2 playerB3 playerB4 J referee1 referee2” />

  • Have all players, substitutes, referees, and organizers in white-list server option in case the server is private.
  • If the server version is not the one suggested, the server should control that the players who enter have all required arenas, and the spectators should exit from the server before the game (and from the lobby before the game 2 even with /spectate option since the presence of spectators can prevent teams from choosing addons).