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CyberFighter is a Serbian SuperTuxKart player.


CyberFighter is known for being a troll. He often trolls people and also likes insulting. Except from this, the Serbian is quite a good player in Soccer, Normal race, and Free-For-All. He had been in the Top50 of the player rankings for a considerable time. Also it's known he owns and uses several alternate accounts, e.g. "Ranking_Sucks", an account with which he tries to get last in the player rankings, or "MoBiLeCyBeRfIgHtEr", an account parodying other mobile accounts like MobileFabianF. CyberFighter also tries to find new skips, and has found major skips like in Extreme Dimension which led to new records.


CyberFighter is also an addon creator. A list of his tracks (unofficial, thus not being findable in the addons):