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SuperTuxKart 1.x main menu

SuperTuxKart, shortly referred to as STK, is a racing game. It is available for Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android and includes several different gamemodes. This wiki is supposed to describe STK, its components and features, and STK related people and events.

The latest stable version of STK is 1.2 (released in August 2020), one can download it here (you need to choose your system).

Useful Links

The official site of the game, where you can find most of the links below.

You can contact developers and community in a dedicated IRC channel, or join it from Matrix. Or, if non-free software is acceptable for you, there is an STK Discord server which contains IRC channel too. There is also a FreeGameDev forum.

Check the code here if you want to know how it works or build STK from the source code (or even make changes and submit a pull request!). There is also a SourceForge page where different binaries and assets lie, so you can download an experimental version for example.

If you want to translate STK into your language, you need to go here, popular languages are already constantly updated though.