Nessie's Pond

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Nessie's Pond is an official STK track, created by Canis Lupus.

The track shown from above


Nessie's Pond is part of the game since version 0.8, but was named "Scotland" at first and also had some minor updates since then. An older revision of the track, named Old Scotland is available as addon, it has worse graphical quality and changed item placement compared to the newest version.


Nessie's Pond is most suitable for middle- and heavyweight karts. A typical lap takes a bit more than 35 seconds, the default number of laps is 3.

Soon after the starting grid which is located in a grassy section with trees and sheeps in front of a scottish flag and a few sheep on each side of the road, the track turns pretty sharp to the left, entering a small city with houses and stores. A nitro can surrounded by two giftboxes is in the middle of this part of the track. Another sharp turn, this time to the right, featuring a banana on the right side of the road, leads to a rather straight part of the track with a few minor curves. In this section there are still houses on the right side of the road, but on the left side there is the sea with some ships. After the city part ends with one banana on each side, a bridge over a river follows, containing another gift - nitro - gift item set. While the track continues being next to the sea with ships, 4 nitros next to each other come next. The road does a wide turn to the right, featuring 3 seals sitting on sand on the left side of the road and including one more gift - nitro - gift set. Now, on the right side there are rocky mountains and on the left side still the sea. The landscape remains like this for some more time: A little turn to the left with a gift surrounded by two nitro cans, a little turn to the right, 3 gifts, a little turn to the left and finally a wide turn to the right ends this section. 2 bananas, one on each side, lead into a short tunnel with two zippers in the middle of the road. Then, a long turn to the left with 4 small nitro cans leads to 3 gifts. On the sides of the road, there is grass, trees and a phone booth in this section. Next, on the right side players can see a lake with a green monster which is supposed to be "Nessie". In a wide turn to the right, the track contains 5 small nitro cans, a gift and soon after two more gifts until it leads to the small finish straight which contains a banana on the right.

Nessie's Pond is a track with several sections with many different graphical topics. While it is considered as one of the tracks with little graphical quality, it is pretty various, e.g. it has a sea part, a rocky part and a town part. However, a graphical revamp for this track is wanted because most textures are rather low-quality and some places feel graphically empty.

Gameplay-wise, the track doesn't challenge much, but is newbie-friendly and probably because of that one of the most played tracks in online races.