Soccer Tournament May 2022 registration form

This tournament will be played between May 4 and Jun 5, 2022. Kindly organized by FabianF and kimden.

You can register in Soccer Tournament using this form, the last day to register is Sunday, May 1st. or using ?register command on STK Soccer discord Please provide info about when you can play. We will schedule matches based on this info, before the tournament starts. However, some changes in the timetable are still possible after the tournament starts.

Please check out the home page, results, discord.

Also, an Emerald Arena was made specifically for this tournament, top teams' karts will be placed in the arena for history!

We decided to hold polls about the tournament rules during the registration. You may vote in our Discord, or on the home page (links above). Please note that because of not finalized rules, we may reconsider all registrations if that is voted.

Your STK username:

When can you usually play between May 4 and June 5? You can include specific weekdays and time, and particular days/time when you can/cannot play.
Please use times in UTC (check here the difference with your timezone).
Central Europe will have UTC+1 timezone during the tournament.

How can we contact you? Please write full contact data (e.g. Discord username#tag, email, matrix, etc.).
You can skip this field if we know how to contact you.

In this tournament, all players are required to have 3 official fields and 5 addon fields, voted by all players before the tournament. You can specify your 5 arenas here (or less), and we'll choose the most popular ones. (If you vote several times for an arena, it counts as one vote.)

Any additional info you want to tell us (e.g. same IP as another player, anything else)?
You can also specify up to 2 desired teammates so we can consider it (though no guarantee that it will happen).

That's it, now you only need to press the button to register:

 Yes, that old-fashioned form. Let's hope next time it's something better... Who found this use /tell hehe